to a mother

Por M. Soraya García
Número 62


Mother, who are you?
You have been everything to your child,
You give me birth
You bring me up
As good as you
You take care of me
And forget about you.

Don’t do that, mother,
Now and ever
Take care of you,
Think about yourself

How many adjectives
To describe you
Nice, kind
Charming, tolerant,
Talkative, silent
Happy, sad
Active, passive
Tired, constant

I am your child
Your daughter,
Your woman.
You are my mother,
My friend
A person, a woman.

You always remember
To take care of yourself
To be independent
To be decisive
To be yourself.

Everything you do
Everything you decide
Everything you choose
Will be fine
If you really want it
And I will agree
I will be with you.

A Daughter


M. Soraya Garcí Sánchez
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

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